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Gourmet Oil

Tenuta Masciangelo
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Gourmet extra virgin olive oil

A Star Chef’s first choice.

Gourmet cuisine is not only the identifying mark of the ‘made in Italy’ culture, but it represents one of the greatest expressions of pleasure and talent all over the world.

Both locally and globally, chefs are real artists who interpret raw materials and their combinations in absolutely unique and personal ways. To make a dish perfect,

however, it is essential that each element is of utmost prestige and in harmony with all the others, especially when talking about that extra virgin olive oil that becomes the

touch of taste that binds the ingredients and enhances the flavors . The Gourmet line designed by Tenuta Masciangelo has been created as an answer to the wishes of

great chefs. A product of the highest quality that gives a touch of luxury to every creation and amazes even the most refined of palates.

The result is a deep emotion

Leccino 60%, Cucco 20%, Gentile Chieti 10%, Frantoio 10%

green/gold color.

fruity and herbaceous scent of medium intensity with notes of tomatoes and artichokes.

fruity, herbaceous with notes of green tomateous and artichokes. Slight presence of bitter and spicy, a perfect match.

the olives are picked between October and November, according to the best period for harvesting in consideration of the climate conditions during the year. The olives are harvested with utmost care by hand. Once harvested the olives are immediately checked by hand, separated from the leaves and selected one by one, in order to remove the olives that are not according to our high quality standards.

is a very important process, on which the quality of the extra-virgin olive oil depends. Olives must be crushed after the harvesting. In this way, the taste of the olive is preserved. The result of this process is a balanced and harmonious oil, keeping the temperature of the okie paste below 27°C (cold extraction). The pressing must be carried out within 35-40 minutes.

at this stage the EVO/Gourmet EVOO rests in small tanks under inert nitrogen gas in order to avoid oxygen contact and therefore prevent an oxidation process. All this takes place in perfect locations for its best decantation, air conditioned and sheltered from light. CAN: black, attractive and elegant design. Available in the sizes 500ml, 250ml and 100ml.